Scientific Research Projects

We provide academic translation, editing and transcription services needed by academics within the scope of Scientific Research Projects (SRP), Faculty Development Program (FDP), ERASMUS and TUBITAK projects, the finance of which is obtained from various funds.

We facilitate the work of project coordinators and SRP units with the preparation of proformas, invoicing, stoppage and payment, and enable them to save time.

Our primary focus is that your academic texts are sent for publication on time, without encountering any regulatory obstacles and that you benefit from the relevant fund at the maximum level.

Contract of Service

When the completion of studies, the payment of which is made from the project budget, extends over time, there can be risk that you may not benefit from the fund. To enable you to benefit from the funds and prepare your academic studies in an extended timeframe, we sign a contract of service with the project coordinator or project unit. Two articles of the sample contract are indicated below.

hizmet sözleşmesinden bir kesit

Erasmus Projects

Erasmus programs, which have been developed to promote the multilateral cooperation of higher education institutions in the European Union, allow the exchange of academic personnel.

We offer translation, editing and transcription services that academics may need in the following fields:

  • Higher education modernization
  • Studies for developing educational programs
  • Curriculum development (CD) projects
  • Intensive Programs (IP)
  • Dissemination Projects (DISS)
  • Cooperation between higher education institutions and businesses
  • Forming an academic expertise network (Thematic Networks) in which European universities can conduct academic studies in a specific field in partnership with each other.
  • Seminars, workshops, courses and conferences, practical training processes
  • Studies to be conducted in primary and secondary education institutions
  • Project reports
  • Contents of courses to be given
  • Other joint projects to be developed

Types of Projects

  • EU Projects
  • Urgent Requirement Projects (URP)
  • Infrastructure Project
  • Research and Development Projects
  • Projects supported by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology
  • Scientist Training and Development Project
  • Scientific Research Projects (SRP)
  • Projects for Supporting Infrastructure for Scientific Research and Development
  • Support Projects for Scientist Publishing Academic Papers
  • Large-Scale Applied Research Project
  • Multidisciplinary Research Projects
  • Multidisciplinary Prior Area Projects
  • Projects of State Planning Organization
  • Education Development Projects
  • Rapid Support Projects
  • Development Agency
  • Projects of the Ministry of Development
  • Interinstitutional Projects
  • Small-Scale Applied Research Projects
  • Postgraduate Support Projects
  • Postgraduate Dissertation Projects
  • Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU) Projects
  • Individual Research Projects
  • Normal Scientific Research Projects
  • Medium-Scale Applied Research Projects
  • Copyright Targeted Support Projects, such as Patent or Registration projects
  • Industry-Related Research Projects
  • Industrial Theses Projects
  • Complementary Support Projects
  • Dissertation Projects
  • TUBITAK Projects
  • Turkish National Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (TNUGG) Projects
  • National Research Cooperation Projects
  • Projects of National Earthquake Research Program
  • National Supported Research Projects
  • Projects of the Program for Supporting International Research
  • Projects for Supporting International Scientific Activities
  • International Cooperation Projects
  • International Joint Research Projects
  • Support Projects for International Publications
  • Applied Research Project
  • University and Industry Cooperation Projects
  • Project of Rapid Support in Research for Assistant Professor
  • Publication Reward Projects, Guided Projects

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