Native Speaker Editing Service

Editing service includes quality control of translated texts by American, English, Canadian or Australian native speaker editors, in compliance with the journal in which the article will be published and at the request of clients.

Our editing service includes control of sentence structure, checking the accurate use of terminology, correction of spelling and grammatical errors, checking punctuation marks and controlling points that are culturally sensitive. Our editors also make additions/omissions to ensure the fluency of the text in sentence and paragraph transition, as possible fluency problems in the Turkish source text may affect the target text during the translation phase.

We guarantee that any texts that receive criticism relating to language problems will be re-edited free of charge. After completing the translation and editing, we perform any revisions that may be required, considering client feedback and suggestions.

Qualifications of our editors

  • The editor who will revise the text is selected from experts who are specialized in the relevant field.
  • Our editors have bachelors or doctoral degrees awarded by the world’s top universities.
  • They have 16-year experience on average.
  • Among our editors, there are academics who are still working at, or retired from, universities.
  • Most of our editors have work experience in various journals and publishing houses as editors and reviewers.

Institutions and organizations that our editors are affiliated with

  • American Copy Editors Society
  • American Medical Writers Association (AMWA)
  • Association of Earth Science Editors
  • Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS)
  • Complete Medical Communications
  • Copyediting Listserve
  • Council of Science Editors
  • Editorial Freelance Association
  • Editors’ Association of Canada
  • Institute of Professional Editors
  • Society for Editors and Proofreaders

Activities performed during the editing phase

  • Ensuring fluency and readability
  • Ensuring proper sentence construction and fluency between paragraphs
  • Developing sentence structure
  • Correcting incoherent or ambiguous sentences
  • Producing an effective and straightforward presentation
  • Checking tense consistency according to subjects and titles
  • Correcting unnecessary repetitions, contradictory expressions and irrelevancies
  • Checking whether information and arguments lack clarity
  • Adapting text to American English or British English, depending on choice
  • Controlling technical terms
  • Controlling method, technique and device names
  • Using English words that conform to the academic jargon
  • Using active/passive structures in accordance with academic writing
  • Checking punctuation
  • Correcting spelling errors
  • Ensuring subject-verb agreement
  • Controlling the use of definite and indefinite articles (“a”, “an” and “the”)
  • Controlling the use of capital and lower-case letters
  • Controlling whether abbreviations are used correctly
  • Controlling units of measurement
  • Controlling symbols and variables
  • Controlling conjugation and verb tenses

Editing Examples

The parts that have been revised are highlighted using the “Track Changes” feature in MS Word. Comments and recommendations are given in the right margin using the “New Comment” feature.

You can open the detailed view by clicking the editing examples below.

“Certification of Editing” Example

Some journals require articles to be revised by professional editors whose native language is English and would like it to be documented. We have seen that some peer-reviewed journal editors/reviewers habitually make the comment, “The text should be revised by a native speaker”, in the first assessment although the language of the text is appropriate. Such subjective comments delay the publication process unnecessarily. We offer the Certification of Editing (CoE), the example of which can be seen below, for all translations. Sending the CoE document to the reviewers of journals eliminates these comments about language.

COE Belgesi

Editing Examples with Explanations

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