Kalite Akademik Tercume offers the highest quality services with the most reasonable prices compared to the market prices. While comparing our price quotes with those of other translation offices, please consider the level and quality of service. You should also consider:

Does the translation office or freelance service ;

  • Ensure that translations are revised by Native English Speaker editor?
  • Indicate the revisions made by the editor on the text?
  • Issue any certificate that the text was revised by a professional editor who is a native English speaker?
  • Convey problems about the source text during the project phase?
  • Respond to your feedback and revision requests on time?
  • Adopt a solution-focused approach for negative comments received from peer-reviewed journals?
  • Know the difficulties in getting articles published in peer-reviewed journals?
  • Really recognize the importance for academic careers in getting articles published?

These factors affect prices:

  • The number of words in the text
  • The topic of the text (social sciences, engineering, medicine, etc.)
  • Language pair (source and target languages used for the translation)
  • Native English Speaker control

Market quotes for translation projects are determined on a variety of scales, such as a fixed price, price per page, or per hour. However, these scales are not a professional unit of measure and not a standard of the Turkish translation industry. These scales are not recommended for several reasons. First of all, every source document is different and the concept of page can differ by various factors such as page structure, fonts and their sizes. Also, many countries use different page sizes.

The most suitable scale for transparency, fairness and budget allocation is ‘1000 characters without spaces’. A character is defined as a keystroke. A letter can be regarded as a character.

For projects from Turkish to English that we complete in 3 phases, our unit price includes the price of a native English speaker editor. We include native speaker editing even in the smallest translation projects that don’t have a strict deadline.

Only the editing unit price of foreign editing companies is higher than our price including translation, editing and proofreading.

Prices for desktop publishing are determined on the basis of project.

To get a quote, please send files to be translated to

Invoicing and Payment

We request that translation fees are paid into our bank account upon delivery of the project.

We follow invoicing and payment procedures for translation and editing services in Scientific Research Projects by consulting with SRP Coordination Department and the project manager.

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