Free Revision Support

We provide free revision service in cases where your manuscript is criticized by the journal it is submitted to for language problems although it was edited by a native English-speaking editor.

Free Certificate of Editing

We provide our internationally recognized Certificate of Editing free of charge for manuscripts that are edited by native English-speaking editors.
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A Team with Academic Careers

Translation and editing are performed by translators and editors who are experienced in academic translation and/or who have academic careers.

Proforma Support for SRP

We offer proformas for academics who wish to benefit from available funding within the scope of projects such as SRP, TUBITAK or FDP.
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We work with translators who are experienced in academic translation and are the best fit for the relevant academic field.


Do you need to receive editing service from a professional institution cooperating with native English-speaking editors?


When we reorganize the order or the wording of an original sentence, we take special care to retain its meaning.


With our 2-phase transcription service, we also perform linguistic checks of contents after they are textualized.

Desktop Publishing

Our end-to-end work process includes project management, translation, editing, proofreading, design, typesetting and printing.

Journal Promotion

Would you like your journal to be read at all universities? We introduce your journal to academics by sending mass e-mails.
25 Years

25 Years of Experience

Kalite Tercume has been providing translation, editing (by native English-speaking editors), paraphrasing and transcription services for academics and researchers in universities in Turkey and across the world. We also offer editing services performed by native English-speaking editors for papers written directly in English. We also provide a Certificate of Editing (CoE), which may be required by the journal to which the relevant paper is to be sent, for all manuscripts we translate or edit.

Our Native-English Editors

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Confidentiality and Security

The confidentiality and security of personal and private information and documents of clients and of their academic studies is a serious matter. We sign a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement with all our employees and freelance translators and editors. You can find the confidentiality-related section of the agreement that we sign with the translators and editors on the link below.



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