Would you like your journal to be read in all universities?

Since 1995, Kalite Editing Services has been collaborating with millions of faculty members and researchers in over 100 countries. Furthermore, we have helped promote and facilitated successful publication content for peer-reviewed journals across a number of universities as well as academic studies of the faculty members and researchers in question.

Would you like your journal’s impact factor to be increased?

Kalite Editing Services facilitates the promotion of academic journals to faculty members from all countries all over the world. By promoting journals and their issues to faculty members studying in the relevant field and location through the use of sending mass e-mails, the studies published in these journals are cited and read more often. Consequently, the impact factor and international reputation of journals are improved, resulting in a greater number and quality of submissions to these journals.

A 50% discount is applied to the sending of mass e-mails for those journals who work with us throughout both editing and proofreading stages.
What is covered in our mass e-mail sending service?

  • Preparing e-mail content
  • Designing the e-mail
  • Creating a database of faculty members studying in the journal’s academic field
  • Delivering e-mails
  • Reporting results

Journal Promotion
Journal Promotion Journal Promotion