Our experienced staff of native English speakers are able to provide paraphrasing and rewriting services that you might need for your academic studies.

Reorganizing the order or the wording of an original sentence while retaining its meaning is called ‘paraphrasing’ or ‘rewriting’.Paraphrasing can improve the content and succinctness of a manuscript, updating its ideas and enriching its content through the provision of comments and recommendations.

Paraphrasing can improve the content and succinctness of a manuscript, updating its ideas and enriching its content through the provision of comments and recommendations.The ethical values of academic studies are protected by providing the correct references and citations for paraphrased or rewritten parts of an academic manuscript.

What is the content of a paraphrasing or rewriting procedure?
  • The original manuscript is read several times until its precise meaning and content are understood.
  • The original manuscript is then abandoned and its main ideas are written using different words. The meaning of a text, including its emphasis and ideas, are retained through the use or rewording and alternative statements and ordering. In such circumstances it is not obligatory to include all details pertaining to the source in the rewritten/paraphrased text.
  • An analysis procedure is necessary for the rewriting/paraphrasing service. Some paragraphs can be designed so that they include different themes once they have been split into two.
  • The intended meaning of each foreign term is carefully examined. Those terms that are commonly recognized (such as jargon and specific terminology) within the research field are retained without emendation, as changing every word or term in the text is unnecessary.
  • The part of the text that has been rewritten or paraphrased is then compared to the original text and any word or sentence changes controlled so that they are in keeping with the original in meaning but sufficiently dissimilar to avoid plagiarism. If the rewritten/paraphrased part is too close to the main text regarding syntax, this situation is called plagiarism.
  • References are provided for all informational sources within the text. If an author is quoted, their name is taken from a footnote or in-text citation and included in expanded form in the sentence itself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Paraphrasing Services:

  • The text I intend to send includes parts that need to be translated, checked in terms of language and paraphrased. Can you accept such a project?
    We also accept the texts that require translation, editing and paraphrasing.
  • Do you have any restrictions about paraphrasing?
    We can accept paraphrasing projects on the condition that it will not exceed a few short paragraphs in an article. We do not accept paraphrasing in longer texts because it will push the limits of academic ethics. Our editors are also very sensitive about such issues and they do not accept such paraphrasing work.
  • Can you restate the sentences that I highlight in the text in other words giving the same meaning, so that the text will not exceed a specified percentage in plagiarism detection programs?
    We can perform paraphrasing or rewriting phases for your texts. However, we prefer to paraphrase within the integrity of the paragraph. Paraphrasing each sentence, one by one, can not only cause semantic shifts, but also may be impossible at times.

For further questions, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact our project managers