3-Phase Translation Process

3-Phase Translation Process

Due to our 25-year experience in academic translation, we know how difficult, challenging and costly it is to get articles accepted in peer-reviewed journals and that it requires a great deal of effort. With more than ten thousand translation projects, we have gained experience about the expectations of editors and journal reviewers, what they criticize, the approaches they adopt when accepting or rejecting an article and what approach we should take towards the criticism of a reviewer. To meet expectations of high-quality, we perform a 3-phase process with translation, editing and proofreading.

Our Translators

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Translation Services:

  • I want to have some articles translated for my thesis study. However, I will not use the whole article; therefore, can you translate the parts that I want to be translated if I send them?
    Certainly. You can only send the parts that need to be translated. However, it is useful for us to see the context of the whole article.
  • Can you translate the articles/texts that I need for my thesis study by summarizing them?
    Translating texts by summarizing them is not included in our scope of business.
  • Who does the translation? Does the translator have enough experience in the relevant field?
    The selection of translator for each project is highly important. The use of accurate terminology and field knowledge are the main factors for high-quality academic translation. We pay utmost attention in assigning translators who have received education in the field of the text. With our large academic translation staff, we offer translation service in all academic fields. However, if our translators who are experts in the relevant academic field are not available, we assign the translator whose field knowledge is the closest to the project’s field.

For further questions, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact our project managers