3-Phase Translation Process

Book Translation

Kalite Akademik Tercume and Kalite Editing Services provide corporate support and professional services for translation of books and editing of books or book chapters that are directly written in English. Having a book published is quite important in terms of gaining academic prestige, contributing to science and academic promotion. In addition, authorship of book chapters holds the same importance.

We offer the following services within this scope
  • Turkish-English translation and editing of a book
  • Turkish-English translation and editing of a book chapter
  • Detailed editing by native English-speaking editors of books or book chapters written in English
  • English-Turkish translation of a book at the undergraduate level
  • Turkish-English translation of books created from postgraduate theses.
  • Translation of books on associate professorship
  • Translation of studies presented in international scientific meetings and published in proceedings booklets


What are the most challenging issues encountered in translations of books and book chapters?
  • Books should be translated by professionals who are specialized in academic translation. This is a prerequisite for obtaining better results. If the translation is performed by those who have no field knowledge, parts of the translation may lack clarity and fluency, lowering the possibility of these books being read.
  • When book chapters are translated by different academics or translators, it is highly likely there will be discrepancies between the terms and styles used, and therefore the integrity of language will be impaired. This will cause inconsistency of terminology in the text.
  • When book chapters are translated by multiple academics or translators, any delays in translation of a chapter may affect the publication process of the whole book.


What do we do to overcome such challenges?
  • We cooperate with translators who are specialized in the translation of book chapters.
  • If the project does not have a tight schedule, all book chapters are translated by a single translator in order to prevent potential inconsistencies in terms and styles.
  • If the project has a tight schedule, we collaborate with multiple translators specialized in the relevant academic field so we can deliver the translation of books or book chapters on time. To ensure terminological and stylistic cohesion, we work with a single editor.
  • We ensure that all book translations are edited
  • We assign books we translated into English or those which were written directly in English to native English-speaking editors who are specialized in the relevant field to check grammar, appropriateness of academic writing and fluency.
  • We provide a proof of Certificate of Editing (CoE) for texts that have been edited by native English-speaking editors
  • Within the scope of translation of books or book chapters, we use glossaries we have previously created for almost all academic fields, if applicable for the relevant translation. We also compile terms from the present project and create project-specific glossaries. We share the glossaries that have been updated during the project process with our translators and editors.
  • Within the scope of translation of books or book chapters, we follow a project management process wherein the relevant project manager is in constant contact with authors or publication editors. If we encounter problems or unclear parts in the source text, we ask the author about them and ensure correct translation in line with the feedback received.