3-Phase Translation Process

How Do You Assure Translation Quality?

  • To avoid any mistakes during the project, we communicate with the author of the text when needed.
  • We integrate term databases that we have prepared for each academic field through SDL Trados MultiTerm software. With this software, our translation projects feature error-free consistency in the use of accepted terminology. Additionally, we are able to upload any translations of terms preferred by our clients.
  • Besides the critical importance of finding equivalent terms in the target language, the recognition and common usage of these terms by academics in the relevant literature is also crucial. To that end, instead of using words that are not found in the literature, we search for similar studies online and from there, consider how these terms are used.
  • If new concepts, terms or expressions do not have any equivalents in the target language, or there is doubt about the use of the best equivalent for them, we discuss such matters with full-time and freelance translators working for Kalite Akademik Tercume on our forum.
  • Some terms may have more than one equivalent in the literature. Preferences can vary by authors, the journal in which the text will be published, reviewers and the dialects of English language preferred by journals. Therefore, to avoid errors and waste of time and effort, it greatly facilitates the translation process and improves the quality of the finished translation if the author includes the terms required to be used in the translation.
  • When an original text includes sentence fragments or unclear and ambiguous sentences, we always contact the author of the text to resolve the matter and ensure that the text in question reflects the intended meaning. We are committed to staying true to the original text.
  • When long sentences in Turkish are directly translated into English, fluency is often difficult to achieve due to the different syntaxes that characterize the two languages. In such cases, we translate long sentences by dividing them into parts, relying on communication with the author to bring greater fluency to the sentence without corrupting the meaning.
  • The deadline for completing translations is a crucial factor that affects the quality. Optimum time should be given to translators and editors so that they do not rush and have time to research terms or other matters in doubt.