54 Years
Areas of Expertise
  • Aquaculture
  • Cartography and Cadastre
  • Earth and Marine Sciences
  • Electric Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Fishing Technology
  • Geology
  • Geology Engineering
  • Information Technologies
  • Mining Engineering
  • Oceanography
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Physical Science
  • Science Education
Bachelor of Science
· Geology (Minor – Petroleum Engineer), University of Missouri

Master of Science
· Geology, Texas A&M University

· Graduate geology courses, UC San Diego (SIO) and Cal State Long Beach

· College instructor, adjunct, 1995-2012
– Palomar College, oceanography lecture and lab
– MiraCosta College, geology lecture and lab, oceanography lecture, physical science
– United States International University, physical science

· Technical Editor for English, Journal of Geophysics, 2019-Present
· Board of Directors, Association of Earth Science Editors, 2019- Present
· Freelance Editor, 2013- Present
· Contributing author and editor, test and review questions for oceanography text, Pearson Education

Military Service
· Line officer, U.S. Navy, active duty, Vietnam conflict (1966-1970)
– Officer candidate and submarine schools, New England
· Asst. Engineer and Weapons Officer, USS Bugara (SS-331), San Diego and SE Asia
– Asst. OIC, Team 11, Inshore Undersea Warfare Group 1, Long Beach, CA and Sasebo, Japan

· Well Logging Engineer trainee, Schlumberger Well Services Co., 1966
· Geologist/Engineer, Northern Illinois Gas Company, 1970-1974
· Cruise Operations Manager and Assistant Head of Technical Operations, University of CA, Deep Sea Drilling Project, 1974-1984
· Operations Superintendent and Supervisor of Drilling Operations, Ocean Drilling Program, 1984-1994

· Co-principal author, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Initial Reports, Volume 137 (1992): College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program).

· Master of Science Thesis, Texas A&M University (1994): “The Hydraulic Piston Corer as a Tool for the Sampling of Unconsolidated Sediments: Its History, Applications, Limitations, and Potential.”

· “Deep Ocean Coring–Recent Operational Experiences of the Deep Sea Drilling Project;” presented at the 55th Annual Fall Technical Conference and Exhibition of SPE of AIME, Dallas, TX, September 21-24, 1980

· “Operational Aspects of Borehole Deployment of a Marine Seismic System in Deep Water;” presented at the 16th Annual Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, TX, May 7-9, 1984.

· “JOIDES Resolution–Scientific Drillship of the ‘80’s;” presented at the Marine Technology Society conference on “Ocean Engineering and the Environment,” San Diego, CA, November 12-14, 1985.

· “Scientific Ocean Drilling in Ice-laden Regions;” presented at the International Association for Hydraulics Research 9th International Symposium on Ice, Sapporo, Japan, August 23-27, 1988.

· “Pollution-prevention Measures in Scientific Ocean Drilling;” presented at the First Thematic Conference on Remote Sensing for Marine and Coastal Environments, New Orleans, LA, June 15-17, 1992.

· “Close Encounters on the Ocean Floor;” presented at the Society for Underwater Technology Conference on Man-Made Objects on the Seafloor, London, February 1-2, 1995.

· Association of Earth Science Editors
· San Diego Association of Geologists
· Veterans’ Writing Group of San Diego County