Within the scope of the service you purchased from our company, we offer free revision support under certain conditions, if your manuscript is criticized by the journal it is submitted to for linguistic problems although it was edited by a native English-speaking editor.

We provide free revision service, if your manuscript is criticized for language problems that are completely due to our company’s mistakes, on the condition that you have not made any updates or additions that would lead to linguistic problems to the file edited by a native speaker of English and delivered by us.

Any large-scale updates you do in line with reviewer recommendations or at your own discretion will be charged, as the relevant parts need to be checked again, and the updated content has not been edited by our company before.
If extra parts are added to the study due to deficiencies in its content, these parts will also be charged, as they are new content, will be processed for the first time and are not included in the previous price.
  • If you choose to reject the edited version of a sentence or certain editing suggestions or need to make rearrangements in line with the editor comments on the file delivered to you, we recommend you contact us immediately to have us check the correctness of the changes.
  • As our corporate procedures require, we specifically ask the author of the relevant study to send us the missing sections, if any. The addition of an extra part in a file that has been edited by a native English-speaking editor before can potentially compromise the linguistic integrity of the study and the correctness of the grammar structures used.
  • As our corporate procedures require, we offer a free revision service only once for each manuscript. Multiple revisions for a manuscript that has been edited by native English speakers can, broadly speaking, put the linguistic integrity of the manuscript at risk.
  • Revisions will be performed in cases where the reviewers of the relevant journal criticize the language of the manuscript. Per our standard procedures, no revision is accepted before a study is submitted to a journal or receives any criticism for language. If the author claims the presence of translation mistakes and therefore requests a revision of the manuscript, the relevant parts can be revised on condition that they provide solid reasons and examples of the errors they claim need revision.
  • As our corporate procedures require, we unfortunately cannot accept requests for the complete translation of the same manuscript a second time. In the case of such a request on the grounds that the corresponding author or one of the coauthors of a study does not consider the linguistic quality of the manuscript to be suitable, we will provide a free revision on the condition that they show acceptable reasons.
  • In the case of modifications to the SOURCE TEXT, the relevant parts will be recharged, as they may require translation from scratch.