Scientific Research Projects

Erasmus Projects

Erasmus programs, which have been developed to promote the multilateral cooperation of higher education institutions in the European Union, allow the exchange of academic personnel.

We offer translation, editing and transcription services that academics may need in the following fields:

  • Higher education modernization
  • Studies for developing educational programs
  • Curriculum Development (CD) projects
  • Intensive Programs (IP)
  • Dissemination Projects (DISS)
  • Cooperation between higher education institutions and businesses
  • Forming an academic expertise network (Thematic Networks) in which European universities can conduct academic studies in a specific field in partnership with each other.
  • Seminars, workshops, practical training processes, courses and conferences
  • Studies to be conducted in primary and secondary education institutions
  • Project reports
  • Contents of courses to be given
  • Other joint projects to be developed