We do not find offering such a guarantee to be reasonable for several reasons. Academic publishing is a very difficult, challenging, lengthy and costly process. In this process, there are various subjective dynamics. Many journals do not have academic concerns and publish for commercial purposes. These journals may not accept texts, if they are not edited by the contracted editing offices to which authors are referred. There are several journals that reject articles by labeling them as “poor English”, even though they do not have any language mistakes.

There are also several journals which judge Eastern countries, including Turkey, as having a tendency to plagiarize. Getting such journals to accept an article requires enormous efforts. There are hundreds of applications for each issue of an A-class journal. It is not possible for all of these articles to be examined by the journal editors and reviewers in a detailed way and for concrete feedback to be provided. Many articles may be rejected without being read, although the rejection reasons are mostly about “language”.

We believe that it is not realistic to offer a 100% guarantee for the publication of articles in an environment where such subjective approaches are so frequently encountered.