– Our work hours are 8:15am-6:15pm on the weekdays. We have a lunch break between 12:30pm and 1:30pm.
– We have a compensation system for overtime work hours and leaves of absence. In this system, the duration of overtime work and leaves of absence are carefully recorded and compensate each other. In other words, you are allowed to take a leave of absence that is equal to the amount of overtime time work you have earned, or you can take a leave of absence first and then owe overtime work. You do not have pay back leaves of absences within a specific time period. You can gradually clear them as overtime work is needed. With the compensation system we have in place, our employees have no difficulties in taking leaves. We never force our employees to work overtime.
– We follow the legal requirements for annual leaves and official holidays. We do not work on official holidays or at weekends. You are entitled to take an annual leave one year after the date you begin working.