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Kalite Tercume is a leader in Turkey’s translation industry. With our powerful network of translators, we currently provide services in 40 languages to clients from 50 countries on 5 continents. We offer a wide range of linguistic services, ranging from translation, editing, proofreading and transcription to localization, subtitles and brand name analysis.

Kalite Tercume initially began in 1995 as an online translation group called Akademi Dil Hizmetleri. In 2012 Kalite Tercume was launched officially in Mersin. Our experience and our linguistic expertise enable us to meet the requirements of clients from all over the world. Kalite Tercume is one of Turkey’s fastest growing translation companies, with a network currently staffed by 30 in-house employees and more than 1000 freelancers.

Our goal is to enable companies and organizations to optimize the communication of their ideas and visions to customers in foreign markets. We also strive to expand our business horizons by surpassing our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, cost, and productivity.

  • Founded: 1995
  • Main Office: Mersin, Turkey
  • Number of Employees: 1000+
  • Ownership: Private
  • CEO: Hasan FİLİK


Kalite Tercume offers start to finish solutions for businesses’ linguistic problems, so that they can offer products and services to their clients in a rapidly shifting global market. Our focus on client satisfaction means that we provide translation services with the awareness of addressing a worldwide client group. We aim not only for unparalleled excellence in translation services, but also to help you increase your market share and profitability from investments in Turkey and the world at large. In line with our principles of flexibility and dependable service, at Kalite Tercume our mission is to empower our clients to reach clients in their native languages so they can break into global markets.


Beyond taking responsibility for projects, our client-focused teams are experts in building strong relationships, and their main objective is to continually increase customer satisfaction. We have achieved our financial performance, growth and profitability due to this focus. Our employees and translators are the most qualified ones in the field and the heart of our customer relations. Our employees’ commitment to customer satisfaction is what makes Kalite Tercume special. Kalite Tercume serves as a bridge between the needs of the client and optimal services in their market.


Hasan Filik, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, founded this translation office in 1995 in Ankara. It began as an online translation group named “Academia Language Services.” The customers were mostly universities and academics in the first ten years. It started to work with foreign companies and translation offices by expanding overseas since 2000s. It incorporated multiple translation technologies and translation management systems, particularly Trados, into its operations under the Quality Assurance Requirements in 2003. The agency specialized in the fields of translation, editing, proofreading, localization, transcription, desktop publishing, and grew consistently to become a professional translation office offering global scale language services. It entered the sector of brandname analysis in 2009 and has been expanding the scope of its business since then. It was restructured in 2012 and assumed the trade name, Kalite Tercume, as a legal entity. Kalite Tercume is among the fastest growing and developing offices on Turkey’s translation market.

Message from the CEO

We strive to make our clients’ products and services bestsellers in the global market. This is our objective at Kalite Tercume. We care for our position as a leading translation office, and we continuously attempt to improve our position. Our goal is to help our customers to attain maximum profit. As our name suggests, we value quality and professional understanding in human relations and all phases of the translation process. Our staff is made up of professionals who are devoted to work. Each of us is committed to providing the best possible service and quality. The global market offers us great opportunities to develop our multilingual solutions, and it offers serious challenges, too. We overcome these challenges thanks to our high-capacity human resources and the partnerships that we have built upon mutual trust.
Hasan Filik, CEO

Management Team

Hasan Filik
Founder and CEO

Mehmet Ali Tor
Project Manager

Dilay Kurt
Human Resources Manager

Kemal Taşkınlı
Finance and Accounting Manager

Zeynep Bolat
Administrative Affairs Manager

Ersin Gider
Sales and Marketing Manager

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