Native Speaker Editing

Activities Performed During the Editing Phase

  • Ensuring fluency and readability
  • Ensuring proper sentence construction and fluency between paragraphs
  • Developing sentence structure
  • Developing sentence structure
  • Producing an effective and straightforward presentation
  • Controlling conjugation and verb tenses
  • Checking tense consistency according to the sections of the paper
  • Correcting unnecessary repetitions, contradictory expressions and irrelevancies
  • Checking whether information and arguments lack clarity
  • Adapting text to American English or British English, depending on choice
  • Controlling technical terms
  • Controlling method, technique and device names
  • Using English words that conform to the academic jargon
  • Using active/passive structures in accordance with academic writing
  • Checking punctuation
  • Correcting spelling errors
  • Ensuring subject-verb agreement
  • Controlling the use of definite and indefinite articles (“A”), “an” and “the”)
  • Controlling the use of capital and lower-case letters
  • Controlling whether abbreviations are used correctly
  • Controlling units of measurement
  • Controlling symbols and variables