I had the opportunity to meet Kalite Akademik Tercume upon recommendation of a friend. I have received their support for both Turkish to English and English to Turkish academic projects, national and international manuscripts, poster or conference proceedings, book chapters, etc. and have taken advantage of the three-phase translation they offer
“Kalite Akademik Tercume is a company that welcomes innovation and development and applies a well-disciplined corporate business approach. It is reassuring that they work with a professional team. They have reasonable prices and provide you an editing certificate proving the translation has been checked with due care. They reply promptly on the same day you contact them, and they always deliver the files by the agreed upon date. They helped me to submit my file within the limited frame I had by working devotedly to complete the study on time. They really make a difference…”
I owe a particular debt of gratitude to Hasan FİLİK and Elife FİLİK as well as
To Dilay KURT, Z. Ceren GÜNAY and Zeynep BOLAT and to all their teammates. I will continue to receive support from them on future projects with a sense of trust and confidence.