We determine the work to be done for the references section according to the request of the client. Unless the author has a special request, we do not include the section under the References in the pricing or the project process. If the Turkish reference names, titles of articles, dates etc., in the references section are required to be translated into English, we include this in the pricing. Figures and tables are included in the price. If there are inconsistencies between the values in tables and the text, both our translators and editors share them with the client by including comments. This facilitates the acceptance of an article by the journals. Tables and figures help the text to be more easily understood. Therefore, we kindly request that tables and figures not be deleted from the articles sent to us for translation. If these parts are missing from the paper, we ask the author to send them. In addition, our native English-speaking editors do not assume responsibility for papers with missing parts. We believe that all sections should be edited for consistency and integrity. Sometimes inconsistencies can occur between the use of the same terms in tables and figures and their use in other sections, and the same case can be true for the values given. In addition, there can be unclear expressions, subscales, etc. throughout the text, and they should be revised by referring to tables and figures. Inconsistency and ambiguity can be primary reasons for rejection. We expect our clients to show consideration for this issue.