We perform a three-phase process, which includes translation, editing and proofreading, for Turkish-English translations. Our team works on a text three times, spending time and effort on it. Price comparisons will be more realistic if this factor is taken into account. The unit prices determined by native-speaker editors are relatively high. This is another factor that increases the price. The unit price of translations done by translators or translation companies that do not have the necessary qualifications to perform academic translations will consequently be lower. However, the economic burden the authors of texts have to shoulder will increase when these texts are rejected by journal reviewers because of linguistic problems. Thanks to our three-phase translation process, it is less likely that a translated article will receive criticism relating to language problems. Moreover, we provide revisions for free under certain circumstances for texts that do receive criticism related to language problems. If necessary, we will send your article to another editor free of charge in order to obtain journal acceptance. Considering all of these factors, our prices are reasonable.