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Prof. Hülya Öztop

I have always received fast and reliable service with articles sent to your company to be edited. Moreover, receiving a “Certification of Editing” document is very effective in the acceptance of my articles.

Prof. Şeyda Seren İntepeler

I have been working with Kalite Akademik Tercume since its foundation. Their level of translation and editing is quite high. If we encounter issues or want to make suggestions, we are able to request a revision and work together to achieve high quality texts that get published. We have four or five articles that were

Prof. Suphi Saatçi

I am very pleased with your translations. I always recommend your translation company to my colleagues. I showed your translations to instructors who are associated with the relevant academic field and have a good command of English. Opinions about the translations indicated that they are easy-to-read, understandable and clear. I would always prefer working with

Prof. Uğur Alpagut

I would like to thank Mr. Hasan Filik and Kalite Akademik Tercume for providing their personal and company support in terms of English translation in my academic life and for my studies with the International Society for Music Education (ISME)

Assoc. Prof. Ayşe Güler

I encountered Kalite Akademik Tercume eight years ago at the suggestion of my friend, an academic in the Faculty of Sciences. Kalite Akademik Tercume has contributed to my academic success with their translation services for my academic research, international projects and publications in arts, ceramics and interdisciplinary topics. It expands the universe of my studies