Editing Examples with Explanations

We collected the examples of editing performed by our native English speaker editors and their explanations including the reasons of these revisions under the following 24 titles. These examples will be updated periodically. * The English version of this page is being translated now. FLUENCY ACTIVE/PASSIVE STRUCTURES USE OF ARTICLES USE OF CONJUNCTIONS USE OF

Certificate of Editing

Some journals require articles to be revised by professional editors whose native language is English and would like it to be documented. We have seen that some peer-reviewed journal editors/reviewers habitually make the comment, “The text should be revised by a native speaker of English,” in the first assessment although the language of the text

Editing Examples

The parts that have been revised are highlighted using the “Track Changes” feature in MS Word. Comments and recommendations are given in the right margin using the “New Comment” feature.The use of these two features are given in the example below. You can open the detailed view by clicking the editing examples below.    

Activities Performed During Editing

Ensuring fluency and readability Ensuring proper sentence construction and fluency between paragraphs Developing sentence structure Developing sentence structure Producing an effective and straightforward presentation Controlling conjugation and verb tenses Checking tense consistency according to the sections of the paper Correcting unnecessary repetitions, contradictory expressions and irrelevancies Checking whether information and arguments lack clarity Adapting text

Professional Affiliations

American Copy Editors Society American Medical Writers Association Association of Earth Science Editors Board of Editors in the Life Sciences Complete Medical Communications Council of Science Editors Editorial Freelance Association Editors’ Association of Canada Institute of Professional Editors Limited Society of English Native-Speaking Editors Society for Editors and Proofreaders World Association of Medical Editors