I am your old customer now. Can I get discount on the services?

We set out standards and principles for each phase of our business, including pricing. Our unit prices are identical and standard for all of our clients and for every text size.

Some other translation companies quoted a more reasonable price than you did. Can you give a reduction in the price?

We perform a three-phase process, which includes translation, editing and proofreading, for Turkish-English translations. Our team works on a text three times, spending time and effort on it. Price comparisons will be more realistic if this factor is taken into account. The unit prices determined by native-speaker editors are relatively high. This is another factor

Can you split the payment into installments?

If the translation cost is high, we can split the payment into two installments on request.

Would it be possible for me to pay when I receive my salary?

Payment should be made for the translation within a month at the latest from the date of the receipt of the translation.

I will send a few more texts. Can I pay for them all at the same time?

You can make a lump sum payment, however, tracking multiple files requires additional time and effort. A lump sum payment may also cause confusions. We prefer to evaluate each project individually, with payment made on this basis.