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Who will revise the text in the Editing phase?

Kalite Akademik Tercume is staffed with many editors. We particularly look for editors who are experts and have enough experience in the relevant academic fields. Most of our editors are American whose native language is English. However, we can also assign our British, Canadian or Australian editors according to the country where the article will

What are the benefits of the “native-speaker editing” phase?

Our translators have a high level of skill and knowledge in terms of both academic career and language proficiency. However, their native language is not English. For a person to have a good command of the nuances of academic English, their native language should be English, and they should have at least an undergraduate education

I do not want detailed editing. I just want my text to be read in general terms. Can you do that?

Editing in general terms is not included in our business scope and all our editing work is detailed. You can follow the Activities Performed During the Editing Phase by selecting the Editing tab under the OUR SERVICES menu on our website.

Can you send the editor’s revisions by highlighting them?

Our editors make their revisions using the “Track Changes” feature on the Word file. These highlighted revisions can be directly seen on the texts. After the three-phase translation process is completed, we send our clients two files, apart from the Certificate of Editing (CoE). One includes the revisions made by the editor, the second is

I can write my article in English myself. However, I want it to be professionally edited. Do you accept such projects?

We can also edit texts that are written in English by the author. However, the language levels of these texts need to be acceptable.