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How do you determine the price of translation? What does this price include?

We quote a price for the translation of 1000 characters (keystrokes), without spaces, based on the source text. The number of characters without spaces can be directly seen by clicking the “Word Count” tab in MS Word. The unit price of 1000 characters without spaces varies by the language direction and the academic field. Our

Do you take the references section, figures and tables in the text into account while determining the price?

We determine the work to be done for the references section according to the request of the client. Unless the author has a special request, we do not include the section under the References in the pricing or the project process. If the Turkish reference names, titles of articles, dates etc., in the references section

Can you quote an approximate price if we make a phone call?

To quote a price, we need to see the text. Approximate numbers given during a phone call can be misleading. Therefore, we can only give information about our unit prices over the phone and quote a net total price after looking over the text.