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Is it useful if I also send sample texts for terminology?

Such support is definitely useful. It allows our translators to see which terms are preferred in the relevant journals.

If I send the terms that I want to be used, can you use their equivalents in the translation?

We are always open to author’s notes about terms. However, some terms may have more than one equivalent in the literature. Preferences can differ by authors, the journal in which the text will be published, reviewers and the dialects of English language preferred by journals. Sending notes about preferred terms facilitates the translation process and

Does the translator who will do the translation know the accurate equivalents of terms?

Because we match translators to texts in the academic field of their experience, terminology does not constitute a problem. However, it is not possible for every translator to know the terms and their English equivalents by heart. Good translators will use a terminology dictionary in every translation. We benefit from technology support for term use.