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What are the different types of audio issues?

Ambient noise (e.g., rustling, line noise, interference) Noisy environments (e.g., streets, bars, restaurants, or other types of background noise) Speakers who are recorded from a distance (e.g., ambiguous, distant voices) Speakers with a strong non-American accent (e.g., British, Australian, Indian, Hispanic, and other non-American speakers) Interruptions in the recording (e.g., poor phone line, gaps in

How long will the quote be valid?

When you are provided with a quote, it will be valid for seven days.

Do you guarantee the confidentiality of documents?

Always. All our transcription professionals act in accordance with our service conditions. We also take technical precautions to ensure confidentiality of your data. We never share your data with third parties.

For which languages do you provide transcription service?

We provide transcription service for Turkish and English. We can perform transcription for every kind of speaking.