I need to make changes in some parts of the text. Can you take the new text into consideration if I send it after making these changes?

We prefer the final form of the text to be sent for translation. However, we can take in some minor changes after we initiate the translation process. However, it is vital that our clients inform us about this as early as possible and the changes should be minimal. Otherwise, updates in the relevant source text

I will write the abstract and conclusion sections of the article later. Can you translate other sections of the article if I send them?

We do not accept incomplete texts as a matter of principle as we cannot always guarantee that the translator and the editor who completed the previous project will be available for the translation of the additional parts. This can lead to inconsistencies and errors – and criticism of the language by journal reviewers or rejection

Can you deliver the translation gradually if I send the text as I complete it section by section?

This translation method poses several risks. To ensure internal consistency in terms of term preferences and style, the text should be translated by the same translator and should be revised by the same editor. Requesting the translation of text section by section, and extending it over a period of time, makes it difficult to schedule