Kalite Akademik Tercume, a leading brand of Turkey in academic translation, continues its rapid growth in the sector. We need a greater number of talented and experienced translators to meet our ever increasing number of customers. For this purpose, we would be pleased to work with you as freelance translators.

Our 3-phase translation process serves not only to increase the language quality of papers, it also enables our translators to linguistically improve themselves. This is because they have the opportunity to identify their weaknesses and mistakes and to learn different uses, styles and terms during the proofreading phase to be completed by the relevant translator after editing, which is the second phase performed by a native English-speaking editor. Freelance translators who are presently working with us and in the process of continuing their education or career have given positive feedback about this issue.

We invite translators who have a strong sense of responsibility, who are committed to maintaining high ethical values and who are focused on customer satisfaction to join our freelancer team.

Required Qualifications:
  • At least 2 years of professional translation experience
  • At least a holder of Master's degree
  • Have a good command of expressions and terminology used in their own field
  • Have the ability to use Microsoft Office applications at a good level
  • Be self-disciplined and have diligent and professional work habits
  • Have strong open communication understanding and skills
    Here is our standard project process:

    First, we send the relevant file to a translator and ask them when they can deliver the translated file. If the date specified by the translator is okay with us, we send them an e-mail to proceed with translation. After the translated file is delivered, we send this file to a native English-speaking editor for the second phase, editing. Based on their availability, we prefer to send the translated file to an editor who best fits the relevant academic field. Lastly, we send the edited file to the translator for the proofreading phase, where they review the revisions made by the editor, accept or reject them where applicable and finalize the text.

    If our translators are not available for a project, we do not insist on them taking that job nor do we compromise on our respect for their social and private lives. We are tolerant of potential delays or discontinuations that occur on reasonable grounds, provided that we are informed about them in advance. We also would like to state that we come to a mutual agreement in the event of a discontinuation with a project due to unexpected situations, again, provided that we are informed as soon as possible.

    Our expectations from our translators are:
    • To not start the project without receiving the above-mentioned confirmation e-mail
    • To immediately inform us about any unexpected negative conditions, delays or discontinuations after the project process has started
    • To not have the file translated by other translators (we do not work with translator groups)
    • To be available for open communication
    • To work diligently on projects, do necessary research and deliver the completed translation on the agreed deadline
    • To perform the proofreading process carefully and review the sentences one by one
    Other issues that should be taken into consideration will be indicated separately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I would like my personal information to be confidential. How do you ensure it?
    Our company has strict procedures regarding the confidentiality of the personal information of both employees and clients. We do not share any of your personal information with third parties and exercise due diligence to ensure this during the project process.
  • How much time do we have to deliver translations? Are we expected to complete a specific volume of translation per week or month?
    – Translator delivery time is determined along with the translators in accordance with the deadline of the project and their availability. – Our translators are not expected to complete a specific volume of translation per week or month.
  • What are your prices? What are your terms of payment?
    –We use character (keystroke) unit without spaces instead of word count or page units and pay for every 1000 characters in freelance translator payments. Our unit prices vary by the language direction and specialty. You can receive more detailed information from the Human Resources department when you submit an application. – Payments are made monthly via bank wire, and the total number of the translation projects you complete in the previous month is paid within the first five weekdays of every month.

For further questions, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact our project managers