Kalite Akademik Tercume now offers internship opportunities for translator candidates!

If you choose us to complete your compulsory or voluntary internship, you will be trained by our teammates who have been working in the industry for many years, gain experience in translation and stay informed about the industry. We will be pleased to share our knowledge, experience and friendship with you.

Internship Requirements:
  • Studying in or graduate of relevant departments of universities
  • Internship in between semesters or during summer holiday (Internship during the academic term is not preferred, as it may cause problems for both parties)
  • Residing in Mersin or within the vicinity of Mersin during internship (freelance internship is not preferred because of issues regarding compulsory attendance)

    During your internship, our project managers will give you information about different types of documents, particularly about academic texts, and explain in detail the points to take into consideration. In addition, your translations will be checked by one of our teammates, and you will regularly be provided with feedback. Moreover, you will be provided with information about translation and computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, project management processes and frequently encountered cases. Finally, in line with your post-process evaluations and your application, we can offer you opportunities to work as full-time or freelance translators upon the mutual agreement of both parties after you complete your training.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does your company have a dress code?
    No. A causal dress code applies to our employees and interns, provided that the attire is not so unsuitable that it becomes a distraction to other employees.
  • What are the working conditions I will be subject to as an intern?
    Interns are subject to the same working conditions as the company employees. Therefore, we expect them to act in the same way we expect all other company employees to act in all matters; this includes the business hours they are expected to work.
  • I have other plans for holiday. Can I perform my internship during the school term?
    No. Internship during the school term makes internship scheduling difficult, both for our team and for students. Students have a hard time continuing their internship in accordance with their timetable, and our team has a hard time planning incoming projects around their course hours. We prefer interns to be in the office during the same hours as company employees. Therefore, we only accept interns during holiday.

For further questions, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact our project managers