Kalite Tercume, a leading brand of Turkey in academic translation, continues its rapid growth in the sector. We need a greater number of talented and experienced translators to meet our ever increasing number of customers. For this purpose, we would be pleased to work with you as in-house translators.

As our corporate procedures require, we send all translations to editors. In academic projects, files translated to English are sent to a native English-speaking editor, and the edited file is sent to the relevant translator for the proofreading phase. The translator reviews each sentence by checking the appropriateness of the revisions and finalizes the file by correcting potential semantic shifts that might have been caused by the editor’s lack of knowledge of Turkish, points that might have escaped their attention or parts should be revised in accordance with the editor’s comments before they finalize the text. Files translated to Turkish are sent to an in-house editor. Our translators have the opportunity to improve themselves in the relevant field thanks to the editing process.

We would like to invite individuals who have a strong sense of responsibility and strict working principles to work with us as in-house translators.

Required Qualifications:
  • Graduation from relevant departments of universities
  • Enthusiasm about and interest in working in the translation industry
  • Have the ability to use Microsoft Office applications at a good level
  • Be self-disciplined and have diligent and professional work habits
  • Open communication skills
  • Able to work on a team

    First, we provide a training/orientation period for all new in-house translators for a duration of time based on their progress. During this period, we explain our workflow and project processes to our new translators and teach them the computer-aided translation (CAT) tools we use. We also meticulously check their translations and give as much feedback as possible.

    We prefer working as friends rather than as a project team. We always help each other and share what we learn. Our project managers take the other employees’ (their friends) availability into consideration, as well as their knowledge and experience when assigning projects. Furthermore, they take care not to distribute projects in such a way would leave other employees in a difficult situation, and they strive not to assign projects to translators that are unsuitable for them. We would also like to state that we do not compromise on our respect for the social and private lives of our employees and never force any employees to work overtime. If overtime work is required, we ask who is available and do the planning accordingly. Thanks to our compensation system, leaves and overtime work hours are carefully recorded and the right to obtain leaves functions in concert with overtime work, facilitating the leaves taken by employees. We also offer our employees freelance translation jobs which are paid for separately. Finally, we provide lunch breaks in our office, and our employees are free to help themselves to tea, coffee or other beverages, snacks or fruits from our kitchen during working hours.

    Our expectations from our translators are:
    • To work diligently on projects, do the necessary research and ask teammates about any encountered problems or questions that arise
    • To take project-specific instructions into consideration and be punctual with deadlines (certain projects can have very tight deadlines)
    • To comply with the office work hours and be sure to inform the administration department or the project managers, if administration department is not accessible, about potential late arrivals at work and leaves
    • To act in compliance with the present work system and conform to the teamwork principles (not to behave in a way that will disturb other employees, cause resentments or otherwise harm the team cohesion)
    • To definitely do a final control and spellcheck before delivering projects
    Other issues that should be taken into consideration will be indicated separately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are we expected to translate a specific volume of work weekly or monthly?
    No. We take into account the difficulty level of the incoming projects and unexpected circumstances (potential reasonable delays, illnesses, personal issues, etc.) and respect them. We do not have a specific quota for our employees because we consider the quality of a job to be more important than the quantity of jobs.
  • How are overtime work hours, leaves of absence and annual leaves arranged? What are the work hours?
    – Our work hours are 8:15am-6:15pm on the weekdays. We have a lunch break between 12:30pm and 1:30pm. – We have a compensation system for overtime work hours and leaves of absence. In this system, the duration of overtime work and leaves of absence are carefully recorded and compensate each other. In other words, you are allowed to take a leave of absence that is equal to the amount of overtime time work you have earned, or you can take a leave of absence first and then owe overtime work. You do not have pay back leaves of absences within a specific time period. You can gradually clear them as overtime work is needed. With the compensation system we have in place, our employees have no difficulties in taking leaves. We never force our employees to work overtime. – We follow the legal requirements for annual leaves and official holidays. We do not work on official holidays or at weekends. You are entitled to take an annual leave one year after the date you begin working.
  • What are your prices? What are your terms of payment?
    Your salary is paid on the first weekday of every month via money order or EFT to the bank account provided. The total number of the freelance translation jobs conducted in the previous month is also paid along with your salary. In addition, a certain amount of premium, calculated in accordance with the general profit margin of our company, is also paid in the first ten days of each month. Issues regarding salary and other payments will be negotiated during the application process.

For further questions, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact our project managers